Nanokeratin Systems leading chemists were the first to develop the Nanokeratin Technology. Also known as the Brazilian blow dry and permanent blow dry, this system is a breakthrough in hair repair, straightening and maintenance.

Using Nano molecular Keratin, microscopic particles are deposited and locked deep within the hair structure providing a permanent no soluble coating which mimics the hairs natural keratin, the building blocks of hair, optimising the hairs quality, strength and resilience.

The result, beautiful, shiny, silky hair that feels healthy, looks gorgeous and is simple to maintain and manage. Whether hair is curly, wavy, unruly or needs repair, Nanokeratin Systems provide the ultimate solutions.

Nano Price List

  • Nano gold blow dry short – £170
  • Nano gold blow dry long – From £200

Nano gold is the latest version of the Nanokeratin Technology, it has all benefit from the normal Nanokeratin treatment plus even more conditioning, advised to use on very damaged hair.

Nano gold therapy treatment is the best for repairing and smoothing, suited for damage blond and highlighted hair, contains gold particles and nano cashmere keratin. Gold known for its ability to expedite chemical processes, and maintain also protect against natural oxidation and cashmere keratin are known for their ability to treat hair that are suffering from dryness, dullness, breakage, split ends and provides the hair protection from environment damage, a full lock, and strengthens, its flexibility.

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